Nursery, Kinder, Prep, Levels 1-3
  De La Salle Lipa PLC adheres to its goal of producing and molding students into talented youngsters who excel in all fields of endeavor. The community is committed to providing your children a happy and stimulating environment that will make them the best that they could ever be. Students are trained to be well-rounded individuals who show competence in every given opportunities and challenges.

Holistic Development…
Students are offered creative and challenging activities which promote further learning. These activities are designed to give them an avenue for self-expression, likewise developing their self-confidence.

St. Br. Benilde Building
Enhancement of Social and Emotional Skills
Being part of a big and modern institution like De La Salle Lipa, children are able to nurture and cultivate their social and emotional skills given that there are more opportunities for showing and exercising responsiveness and sensitivity to others.

Academic success…
The PLC aims to provide students with the maximum opportunity for academic success. The curriculum is tailored to the needs of each individual child, that is learning at his/her own pace. A child is not forced to do anything that he is not ready to do. It is important that the right approach be applied to help him/her develop his/her full potential, build his/her own healthy self-concept and discover his/her strengths and talents through support and encouragement from the teachers.

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De La Salle Lipa
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