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Up on their toes (Intramurals 2012)
  The five-day and three-day intramurals of pupils grades 4 to 6 and Nursery 1 to grade 3, respectively, kept the young ones busy while having fun and sharing a hearty laugh at the same time.

Obviously not even age or size can defy the strength of an entire class. Group game such as tug-o-war proved that kids could be small but terrible. The pint-sized preschoolers showed their power in number. Other games like balloon bursting and obstacle relays presented a positive challenge which brought out the skill and wit of the young Lasallians.

The older Lasallians, nonetheless, manifested their undeniable quick progress in physical and mental challenges. Their volleyball and basketball games and other sports competitions united every class vying for a title.

Coinciding in this occasion was the cultural program where talented singers competed and shared their singing prowess with their fellow Lasallians.

Below are the results of the Intramurals 2012 of Nursery 1 to grade 6 and the cultural contest.

Grade 1:
Over-all Champion BB 108
First Runner up BB 109 & BB 112
Second Runner up BB 111
Third Runner up BB 208

Grade 2:
Over-all Champion BB 204
First Runner up BB 209
Second Runner up BB 206
Third Runner up BB 205 & BB 210

Grade 3:
Over-all Champion BB 310
First Runner up BB 311
Second Runner up BB 212
Third Runner up BB 308

Grade 4:
Over-all Champion BB 306
First Runner up BB 305
Second Runner up BB 303
Third Runner up BB 304

Grade 5:
Over-all Champion BG 109
First Runner up BG 112
Second Runner up BG 110
Third Runner up BG 114

Grade 6:
Over-all Champion BB 402
First Runner up BB 401
Second Runner up BB 404
Third Runner up BB 403

Results of Vocal Solo Competition:

Grade 1:
First Place Czarina Mari M. Casas (BB 112)
Second Place Joseph Jesus M. Leynes (BB 110)
Third Place Ynigo Oliver Astronomo (BB 109)

Grade 2:
First Place Ahyen Franzyn Petalio (BB 205)
Second Place Bianca Isabel Paje (BB 206)
Third Place Kameron Reeyan Uy (BB 209)

Grade 3:
First Place Christienne Sigrid de Jesus (BB 212)
Second Place Josiah Mari Luistro (BB 309) & Kate Calaluan (BB 310)
Third Place Tyra Wynona Lagmay (BB 312)

Grade 4:
First Place Tanya Poleen Macaraeg (BB 305)
Second Place Marian Zharina de Castro (BB 303)
Third Place Anne Patrice Tanjuakio (BB 301)

Grade 5:
First Place Kirsten Sophia de Jesus (BG 113)
Second Place Beatrice Irene Loise Paje (BG 112)
Third Place Angela Gabrielle Herman (BG 108)

Grade 6:
First Place Clarence Andrew Mendoza (BB 406)
Second Place Maria Julia Jimena (BB 401)
Third Place Kate Renshie Jayin (BB 403)

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